Decrease Attrition

Give your company a great name. Change the culture of what your company stands for and why people work for your company. We'll not only keep employees at your company, but we'll increase there production and contribution for the company.

Become more Efficient

Be more efficient in company tasks. Let us guide you to have efficient and inspired employees

Next Phase Leadership

Changing the World one Leader at a time.

Simply can’t understand why your organization seems to move so slow, wastes so much effort with so little outcome or can’t break out of its stagnant profit margins…this research can help…or, You provide vision and strategic direction only to have your managers miss the big picture, fail to translate strategy into tactics but instead go off and create misalignment everywhere…or, If your boss is a micromanager, your peers just don’t “get it” or your direct reports never seem to think for themselves…we provide some rigorous research driven answers. It’s not because they’re stupid (neither are you), it’s because they’re in the wrong Phase of Contribution for their role and responsibilities. You know, square peg in a round hole. Forty-three years of research, provides hope for fixing the root causes of many of your intractable organizational nightmares. Read on and see if we don’t “feel your pain” and provide real solutions.

The Phase Three Fulcrum

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Do you have people in your organization you wish you could clone? We do that!

There’s a little known secret about extremely successful management. We know what it is!

Have you ever been micro-managed? we fix that!

“Working with Next Phase Leadership, over the last 4 years has proven their; flexibility, effectiveness and capability providing customizable management solutions. Because of Next Phase, our managers have been far more successful in making the difficult transition from being great technical experts to becoming great leaders."

Ashley F. Fields Senior Director, Human Resources BMC Software