Global Team

Next Phase Leadership Team

Dr. S. Brett Savage is the founder of Next Phase Leadership LLC. He specializes in taking individual experts through the troublesome transition toward manager and leader roles. Doctor Savage has done global research, trained, implemented enterprise systems and coached hundreds of industry leaders toward their stated goals and business needs.
Rudy Vidal is our strategic partner on the East Coast and best known for his unyielding passion for customer centricity. He is an accomplished speaker, author, and consultant with more than 20 years experience tapping into the inherent power of customer relationships to drive loyalty—and profits. Rudy has focused his career on creating a holistic, hands-on understanding of the mechanisms that create Profitable Loyalty in our business environments. He’s helped Fortune 500, emerging growth, non-profits and the education sector increase profitability, and improve operational efficiencies through increased focus on the customer. Rudy’s projects always provides hard, quantifiable ROI, and rely on policy, process and delivery model leadership to drive results.
AC Ho is a consultant and trainer in organizational development with a special interest in leadership & career development. He is a certified coach & consultant in Appreciative Inquiry and Whole System IQ. AC has trained thousands of young and senior business executives in Asia, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Indonesia and Singapore.
Alice Larsen is an executive coach and organizational consultant, bringing more than 12 years of international business, and especially Human Resources, experience to our clients. She has worked with individuals, teams, leadership and organizations in more than thirty countries. Alice has coached and facilitated workshops with varied employee groups, from blue-collar to senior executive teams.
K.Seshadri (SESH) is a consultant and trainer for personal & organizational development, with interest in assessment, development & management of high potential (talents) and coaching & mentoring of people. He has an engineering degree and masters in training & development.
Sajiri Chidgupkar, is a HR professional with 7 years packed with experience in various verticals of HR. She has a Masters degree in Human Resource Management. Her corporate profile has seen her working in the areas of resource management, employee engagement before moving into the learning vertical. Her initial years as a front line HR gave her a solid ground to understand real world realities.
Mike Vescuso is an organizational psychologist & management consultant with more than 30 years of experience helping organizations effectively manage the strategic, structural and cultural issues associated with large-scale organizational change. Mike has led the design, planning, and implementation of a variety of corporate initiatives including: restructurings/downsizings, team-based organizational designs, corporate-wide WorkOut productivity & culture change interventions. .
Tanmoy is an accomplished HR professional with 15 years of rich and varied work experience as an Organization Development Specialist, Strategic Business Partner, HR Operations Leader, Coach, Mentor and Trainer. Having worked with both Indian and foreign multinationals, he brings in a strong global perspective having successfully led Global Tiger Teams across APAC, EMEA and Americas on key HR transformational challenges.
Colm Murphy is a leadership and team coach with over ten years experience in learning and development. As a coach, Colm combines global blue chip leadership experience with a track record of success and a number of business and coaching qualifications. Colm’s passion is in assisting leaders and their teams to achieve meaningful behaviour changes that drive business results through focused and engaging coaching and training interventions.
Monimoy Sengupta (Moni), has a Masters degree in HR. He brings with him 7 years of experience, with a focus in the learning and development vertical. He believes that the most critical criterion for HR to succeed is to become friends with the language of numbers. This belief pushes him to “measure” the impact of HR initiatives through numbers in a manner that makes sense to the business. Employee Engagement Surveys and 360 assessments are areas that generate a special interest in him.
Anand Gugale, is a mechanical engineer with 17 years of experience in varied industries and functions like Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd., Philips India Ltd., and Atlas Copco. His entrepreneurial instinct took over while managing at Polychrome Engineers, an injection molding unit where he played an important part automating their processes and systems.
Brooklyn Derr, his special areas of interest are management development, career development, work-family issues, conflict management, internationalizing top management and organizational development. Dr. Derr has written 7 books and published about 40 articles and book chapters. He is currently conducting studies on cross-cultural career orientations and leadership development.
Our Strategic Partner, Erwin Peter is a consultant, trainer and coach in the field of mega sales methods. His structured, pragmatic approach; his cultural and linguistic adaptability (English, Spanish, French and German and others but he’s too modest to say); along with the increased sales results he achieves, have earned him the respect of many global organizations. We are so proud to introduce our good friend and EU Director, Erwin Peter, President/CEO of Logra GmbH … our partner company in Zurich Switzerland. Telephone: +41 56 640 11 05 Mail:
Bhavesh Chandaria, GPHR, HRMP, SCP, MHRP (RSA) is our Indian Guru currently living in Tanzania. He is employed by the SAFAL Group, inspiring their 3,200 professionals in 11 countries as their Training & Development Leader. ( He was Global Head of Training & OD for Suzlon and Head of Corporate HR & Training for Bidco Oils Refineries in Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania. Bhavesh was just a kid when he was Dean and Director of an MBA School. He is a perpetual student of his craft, ever learning and always teaching others. You'll not likely meet a more generous and kind person on this planet. Of note, he was a wine seller in London, so expect the right pairing when you dine with him. He's an environmental evangelist, loves his family, loves training, lecturing and coaching (all of us benefit from his wisdom and extensive expertise). A social media enthusiast, you cannot escape him on Twitter @behaves or on Linkedin. We are very fortunate to have him seek our Credentials as NPL Certified Coach & NPL Certified Facilitator.
Doug is a master certified Trainer and Phase-Coach and Sr. Consultant with Next Phase Leadership. Doug’s career started with IBM in the United States with an array of responsibilities in front line sales and management, and continued on to include work in Asia, South America and through IBM’s channel in the western United States. Doug moved his practice to Europe in the early 90s, and was a founding partner in a Swiss consulting firm. Doug began working with Next Phase Leadership in 2004 and has worked with a variety of clients such as Amgen, Bausch and Lomb, Booz&Co, Cende, ConocoPhillips, Deloitte, Directv, HPI, and others. Doug is fluent training in both English and Spanish. He has lived in the United States, Argentina and Europe, where he now resides with his wife near London, England. He has worked in North and South America, throughout the Far East, and for the last 20 years has concentrated in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and the US. Doug is a sought after speaker and facilitator for such organizations as HP, IBM, Alcatel-Lucent, Citrix, Marriott Business School, SAS Institute, Siemens, SDG, and others. He graduated with a dual major in International Relations and Spanish from Brigham Young University.
Michael-John Bristow has been Phase-Coaching and training to Fortune 500 clients for over a decade. His international experience and dynamic teaching style make him a highly regarded trainer and Phase-Coach. He has a track record of success working with a wide range of employees including senior leaders, supervisors, scientists, engineers, customer service representatives and marketing professionals. Michael-John's methods combine the rigor of solid Phases research with the practicality of real-world experience. He partners with his clients to provide a tailored product to meet their specific needs and interests. He helps participants expand their intellectual and emotional capacity to achieve great things—at work and beyond. Michael-John's engaging and inspirational seminars include leadership, influence, presentation skills, feedback, coaching and career management. In addition to his teaching and executive coaching responsibilities, he is the coauthor of Where’s the Gift? …
Janis L. Keeley has extensive experience in helping businesses and organizations orchestrate behavior changes that impact the bottom line through increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee fulfillment.
Ian Critchley is our management and leadership Phase-Coach based in England. Ian’s background is in engineering and the UK nuclear industry. After a varied career in a range of technical, safety, oversight and management roles he became very interested in the challenges of managing people in large organisations. After a chance meeting with Dr. Savage whilst on holiday, after which they became firm friends, he realised that there was a gaping hole in how managers are prepared for their roles. Having had his own experience of being thrown in the “deep end” of management and survied, Ian co-wrote the book, The Manager’s Quest, with Dr. Savage (on Amazon). So, Ian through years of his own experience actually does know how managers should be equipped to contribute well in their organisations. Ian is a qualified Phase-Coach at Next Phase Leadership and is an active member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. He also runs his own consultancy that works in support of managers in technical and high hazard industries in both technical services and management skills development.