Do you want to make a difference? 

At NextPhase Leadership, we look for people who are  self-motivated, passionate, creative and absolutely fun opinionated team players. We want those individuals that have the aptitude to deliver our training with their own personality and abilities.  If you feel that you can “Stand and Deliver” then please send us your resume.

 Next Phase Leadership has three tiers for sales and/or consulting.

Tier One or RFA (see right):  This tier is a straight commission of a minimum of 10 percent to open doors and get introductions for NPL.   This does not require any sales knowledge of “Phases” or any of the products and service we offer.    

Tier Two:  This tier also includes a minimum of 10 percent to open doors.  Tier two is for those who also want to be part of the training or consulting process.  In addition to the commissions you also will receive training or consulting fees that will be split between you and NPL.  This tier allows trainers who do not own their own company or want to expand their reach to reside under the Next Phase umbrella.  

Tier Three:  This is for re-seller partners.  Our services and products are distributed through a partnership.  The re-seller is responsible for actively promoting and engaging in all marketing, advertising, client negotiations, creation and signing of statements of work, billing and invoicing.  (And other business aspects to ensure the quality of our products and good standing of Next Phase Leadership) The commission structure with this level is paid with a split between NPL and our partner.  Geographical exclusivity can  be purchased upfront.  

All commissions are paid on a Net/Net basis and each tier is subject to negotiation. Nothing on this page is legally binding.  All offers are subject to Next Phase Leadership approval.

 Please contact us with any questions.