“I can think of no-one who has more passion and insight into the career phases research than Dr. Savage.  He has extended the original “phases research” to even greater heights.  Any organization concerned with better ways to develop the careers of professionals will benefit from utilizing their services.”

        ~ Jack Zenger – CEO Zenger/Folkman

“Working with Next Phase Leadership, over the last 4 years has proven their; flexibility, effectiveness and capability providing customizable management solutions. Because of Next Phase, our managers have been far more successful in making the difficult transition from being great technical experts to becoming great leaders as measured by several indexes on our organizational survey. Next Phase collaboratively developed solutions utilizing the Phases research and its systemic implications which resulted in: great expert led classes, fast online training and effective contribution assessments. In addition, Dr. Savage conducted Phases research within our major functions as well as coached some of our executives.”

        ~ Ashley F. Fields Senior Director, Human Resources BMC Software

“Quite candidly, and speaking from my own early experience as a Manager, there were days when the job felt completely overwhelming.  That changed when I met Brett Savage in early 2005. As a coach, mentor and friend, Brett has enabled me to better understand the nature of our management challenges and how best to tackle them. As a foremost authority on the topic of Leadership, Brett taught me about the Phases of becoming a leader, and he opened up my eyes to the all-important transition that true leaders must make from Phase 2 to 3. Over these past five years, Brett has had an indelible impact on me. I am truly grateful for his friendship and for the ongoing opportunity that I’ve had to learn from him.”

        ~ E.T. Price  SVP North America Regional Manager General Re – Global Casualty Facultative

“Within just a few minutes of beginning class, Dr. Savage established credibility and rapport with, our toughest audience, our hard-bitten frontline supervisors. From that moment on the supervisors were eager to learn. Brett’s research experience and real-time knowledge ensured that his content was immediately relevant to our needs. Next Phase Leadership’s professional development, coaching and follow up accountability materials assisted our supervisors in improving their skills. More importantly, it put them on the right path to make the difficult transition from being the technical expert to properly managing technical experts–not a simple task! Next Phase’s delivery, service, integral business relationships and attention to their client’s needs are impeccable.”

        ~ Ed White – Training and Development Specialist, ConocoPhillips

“Dr. Savage and his organization has worked directly with me for over 15 years in 5 major Companies to help me achieve my strategic goals for building capacity in my HR/OD teams and making major changes to our global organization. Together we have provided measurable organization-wide improvements, supported at the highest levels. Brett’s amiable nature, flexibility, passion, global research, fast-track training and integrity make Next Phase Leadership my number one choice. If you want to build a developmental corporate culture that scales employees, managers and leaders while simultaneously growing your business, you can’t find better material or more experienced consultants than Next Phase Leadership.”

        ~ Mike Vescuso –  PhD SVP Administration BMC Software

Over the last 6 months, I have had the privilege of having Dr. Savage as my executive coach. I have had coaches before, but I have to say that Brett’s approach and style has been the most effective – he seems to have a knack for knowing how to provide coaching in a way that enabled me to actually “see” my developmental needs, find the motivation to change and then be able to take specific actions. In the short time I worked with him, I gained a greater sense of what it takes to be an effective leader and my employees and coworkers really noticed! Changing others perspective about you is as important in a leadership role as changing yourself–and the two things are mutually intertwined. If it weren’t for him, I’m not sure I’d be where I am today.

        ~ Alexis Megeath VP  Nationwide Insurance

I had the opportunity as a manager to meet Brett Savage and hear him explain the Phases concept as part of a new internal training program he would be leading for our company.  He was very impressive in displaying his passion for people and vision in helping each person.  A few years later I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work directly with Dr. Savage, one on one, with my own personal 360 feedback.  He was very engaged in the process and helped me utilize this feedback tool to continue down that never ending road of personal development.  From explaining the process, to how to interpret responses and most importantly, setting out a game plan, Dr. Savage personally cared for my development.  Never in 20 years of the corporate environment had I felt someone so supportive and encouraging.  He would check in with me from time to time, keeping me motivated to work and make him proud of my accomplishments.  While I know the opportunity to have Dr. Savage as a coach was one of the best things that happened for me at work, it also allowed me to try and pass along my learnings to others, thus spreading further his influence.  I look forward to any future opportunity to work with Dr. Savage.  Somehow I know, he’ll reach out to me first.

        ~ Paul Houska  Senior Vice President Treaty Underwriting  Genre