How Can We Help You?

We take very seriously the question “How Can We Help You?”  The primary goal of the NextPhase Leadership team is to find a solution to the management/career issues that are causing you pain/late nights/heartburn!

NextPhase Leadership will use our proven assessment tools, based in global research and decades of experience to allow you to measure real employee contribution and development toward business results.  We understand the exact steps necessary to effect greater contribution.

We’ve removed all extraneous elements of training and consulting to simplify and save our clients up to 70 percent off their time/travel/training budgets—and we did it long before the recent economic meltdown. Our modularized workshops require only 5 to 7 minutes of pre-reading, and only ½-to-1 day of in-class commitment. Customized online tools provide follow-up information and support. Our development classes are designed and tested to fit multicultural environments, and are a perfect fit for video-conferencing, live meetings and other distance learning and eLearning platforms.

No surprise here—the great majority of employee/management development happens after training, when participants are back in their “real jobs” and re-apply themselves to real time projects and assignments. Our “Coaching” capabilities are streamlined to focus participants on the right things and hold them accountable for growing real business results as they grow professionally. Our simple online “Micro-Surveys” get feedback on the “back end” of their development/coaching projects to ascertain whether participants actually changed, made a difference for others and increased their contribution to the business. Customization and adaptation of our content/research/brand is welcome, and is most often a simple and inexpensive linkage to our client’s competencies, mission/vision/values, strategic focus, current training offerings and desired business outcomes.

On the right side you can view a selection of our most requested workshops.  Contact Next Phase Leadership for a (1) free phone consult, (2) a two-hour Executive Preview, and/or (3) bring us in for a two-hour “Transition Test-Drive” with your folks. In short order, we will share with you the hard data on how to grow your people and your business!