Our team of experts can take your anemic enterprise competencies (or start from scratch), and breathe new life into them by scrubbing, simplifying, and “Phasing” them (example below), making them immediately applicable for selection, assessments, professional and team development, transition to management evaluations, etc. This consulting/redesign work is an involved and iterative process where we team with your leaders and key stakeholders to make sure each competency description aligns with your mission, vision and results strategy. Redesigning and “Phasing” your competencies often precedes and then informs the training and assessment of your employees. So, blow the dust off your company’s competencies and start using them to assess and define contribution growth for individuals and your business. And yes, we actually have competency doctors (PhD’s), who work closely with you to insure the “diagnosis” and “prescriptions” bring about the necessary “cures”. Our PhD’s a pretty nice people to work with too. Some are even kinda fun!