Next Phase Leadership can provide a complete  e-learning solution for your company, including traditional e-learning modules, simulations, assessments (including pre-workshop or even pre-hire), post-workshop skill acquisition assessments, and support tools for after the workshop. Our dynamic conversation-based simulations provide dramatically better skills practice. Now, learners can actually practice holding conversations. Due to the unique and customized branching structure, the conversation has variable outcomes based on how the learner interacts.

*Customizable, cutting-edge simulations


*Deeply interactive – builds skills fast


*Delivered inside e-learning modules or webinars.


*Full, robust reporting


We can build free-standing assessment modules or insert assessment into e-learning modules or webinars. All assessment results can be reported to any LMS / LCMS. Learners can download and interact with assessments off-line, and the scores will re-synch with the server when the user logs back in.

Next Phase Leadership believes that pre-work can help improve workshop effectiveness by introducing key concepts ahead of class. This saves time by allowing the instructor to quickly review and then move into application of the Phases.

We can build completely customizable refresher or follow-up material for use after the learners leave the workshop. For example, we can include activities that managers can use with their teams, additional computer-based role-plays to strengthen skills, or interactive action plans that integrate with Outlook and other calendar programs for maximum follow-through.

Our unique branching simulations are like private role-plays. Managers can “try out” various conversational approaches which build skills in coaching, mentoring, or collaborating to improve performance – you name it. These simulations even provide full reporting to any LMS / LCMS for use by senior managers or training professionals to zero in on problem areas, too.

*Delivered like e-learning modules

*Fully web enabled & browser-based

*No IT department support required

*Can be used off-line; results will synch with server later

*SCORM compliant (optional)

*Integrates easily with any LMS / LCMS

*Fully customizable – personalize your characters, 3D environments, dialog, scoring, and outcomes

*Based on proven learning methodology

In summary, Next Phase Leadership provides complete e-learning products and support which are fully customized to your company’s audience, culture, and learning needs.  Please contact us for more information or if you would like a LIVE demonstration of all of our cutting edge e-learning capabilities.