Executive Coaching/Counseling

Let’s face it, what many failing executives need isn’t coaching, but brutally honest assessments and feedback directed precisely at the necessary personal changes (perhaps even fatal flaws) and business-based competencies they must develop fast or wash out! They need professional and fearless counseling to motivate and save their career! The difference is: coaching helps them explore what they want or need—but many times they’re blind to what they want or need and are often headed in wrong personal and professional directions! Besides, the required changes in the executive may be what the CEO wants—and if the exec. can’t make the changes he/she is ill-suited for the job. If you have an exec that’s got great potential but isn’t “cutting it”, we can help save a life, a very expensive position to replace and perhaps save an entire organization (don’t laugh it’s been done). If a replacement or reassignment is needed, we are aligned with executive search professionals who can get you the right person every time! Hey, we’ve got PhDs in this counseling stuff, and we understand the personal, professional, confidential and politically sensitive nature of these interventions. Indeed, having an “external” executive counselor avoids the debilitating fear that the exec’s “counseling” won’t really be all that confidential. NPL’s Executive Counseling can provide huge benefits. And we do Executive Coaching too! Contact us, we can help.