Ending Team Contention

If your people/teams/functions are caught up in their own selfishness, silos, pride, blaming of others, excuse-making and resentment toward others, then no amount of skills training, pleading or even threats can get them to change. They must have a fundamental change of heart first before they’ll heal the bad blood with others and begin to work together effectively to obtain mutual benefits. This one-day workshop is an intense but playful exploration into the human heart that reveals key issues without embarrassing or intruding into private matters best kept confidential. Participants find this workshop to be a highly enjoyable and liberating intervention that unlocks, un-sticks and thaws the tension, resentment, defensiveness, resistance, bitterness, hatred, suspicion and blame that kills communications, cooperation and business results. Many times the life changing “light bulb” comes on for them within the first 50 minutes! When people are caught up in their own self-justifications, blindness, rationalization and blame for others, they cannot (even if they try), succeed in developing their skills, effectively communicate with others, or pour their creativity into how to do their jobs or grow the business. The problems created by all this blaming and excuse making usually become worse and can “infect” other functions unless completely abandoned. When business leaders participate in these kinds of collusive and corrosive activities it can bring down entire companies. If your people just “can’t seem to get along”, then Next Phase Leadership has the solutions and follow-up assessments (MicroSurveysTM) to impact and measure their change of heart and change of behavior. Believe it or not, far from being stressful, invasive, dark or grossly emotional, this workshop is filled with laughter, epiphany-style learning, business focused case studies and amazing emotional freedom. Leaders are encouraged to attend prior to their teams involvement but a “vertical teach” (leaders/employees together), can be powerful.