Manager Development

Contextual Conversations for ManagersTM

(Hate being criticized, corrected or not getting any feedback? Tired of poorly planned projects, always “fighting fires”, reinventing the wheel and regretting misaligned cross-functional nightmares? Our tools will have you begging for critical feedback from others and looking forward to planning and reviews!)

Do your Managers fail to Coach and develop others, put off appropriate Project Planning, loath Performance Reviews and avoid the potential dangers of Giving & Receiving Feedback when it’s most needed? We’ve designed specific and immediately relevant modular training sessions designed to kick-start behavior change, provide tools, give practice to and get your Managers/leaders to actually act like Managers and leaders and grow your business. Depending on your needs, (you can “cherry pick” the modules to customize your approach), these 4 modules are each 2 hours long and provide practice and inspiring learning for participants. All four require one-day of training and practice to drill into participants hearts and heads. These fundamentals are a perfect follow-up to “The Transition to Manager” and are designed to break the communication stalemate between people and functions, prevent problems by proper planning, and make performance conversations smooth and rewarding! (Ever had a performance review you liked?) Feedback and communication really are essential to daily operations and growing your business. NPL has the keys to open up great conversations and great results! We measure results and prove that all feedback (particularly if it’s critical, unfair or even wrong) is positive feedback! Your Managers and Individual Contributors will learn to communicate with confidence!