Professional Development

Increasing Your Individual ContributionTM

(How you approach your work is the most critical factor in employability and profitability, so learn “how”)

This 2 ½ hour workshop gives every one of your Individual Contributors the “3 keys” to professional development and teaches them how to take personal responsibility for planning their own professional development and increasing their contribution to the Company. Participants love, then leave, this brief 2 ½ hour class knowing how to increase their impact to the team and initiate development discussions with their Manager and others. Professional development is each employee’s personal responsibility aimed at their personal job satisfaction, building expertise, and adding value to their Company at the same time! Research at Next Phase Leadership (NPL), demonstrates that an employee who is actively involved in developmental activities/projects is more engaged, committed to the Company Strategy, far less likely to leave, and rates 35% higher in job satisfaction, 50% higher in “Manager relations” and up to 45% higher in achieving critical business results.