You interviewed candidates, hired what you thought was the best, and then discovered that he/she was missing several critical job-related skills. Many lost dollars, alienated customers and migraines later, you begin the hiring process all over. Traditional estimates on the cost of mis-hires range from 70 to 190% of their annual salary. Typical selection interviews are likely to include a variety of critical imperfections: (1) Non-coverage of important factors that vary from job to job; (2) use of questions that don’t effectively assess the candidates’ capabilities; and (3) over-weighting factors irrelevant to success. The Lighthouse Approach™ , sheds light on the most critical areas, and engages behavior-based techniques to hire better performers and greatly reduce hiring mistakes. This approach was designed by Lighthouse Consultants of the Southeast and is based on 30 years of research. Dr. Perry Alter of Lighthouse  works closely with your team to identify the most relevant skills for a job; including both technical skills and such harder-to assess skills as problem solving, attention to detail, project management, continuous learning, teamwork, etc. Your team then chooses/customizes interview questions from an extensive bank of  prewritten questions created by Lighthouse to address a wide range of competencies, and also designs new ones as needed. These questions become the basis of the behavioral selection interviews. We then train your people how to conduct specific, legal, effective job interviews, focusing them on demonstrating appropriate support skills (taking notes, follow-up questioning, etc.), and evaluating candidates. As a result, your interview team has specific job related interview skills they can conduct consistently and legally every time! They get the right tool, the right questions and the right training, all in one day! This could prevent a multitude of hiring mishaps and legal problems!