The Research/Data, Phases of Performance and ContributionTM

Our ongoing global research studying organizational performance and contribution over the past fifteen years has confirmed the following basic outcomes.

A. High-performing organizations create an intentional and manageable way of developing their people toward incremental and increasing contributions.

a. In other words, successful companies—along with their people—go through “Phases” of performance and contribution.

B. Employees may go through four basic Phases of ContributionTM in their careers in order to achieve sustainable growth.

C. Great organizations train, manage, reward and carefully create a balanced “mix” of contributors in each Phase in order to grow and maximize profitability.

D. All organizations have some employees in Phase 1 who are new to their roles, dependent on others to help them quickly “learn the ropes” and develop toward independence and trusted performance.

E. Most employees transition quickly (3-9 months) out of Phase 1 to become solid, valued, Phase 2 contributors defined by deep-technical expertise, narrow-tactical focus, and the valued intellectual horsepower to solve the most technically harrowing issues.

These trusted team players daily fight the fires and independently drive solutions. These essential team players constitute the back-bone of most professional organizations and constitute about 85-90 percent of all employees. Unfortunately, a much smaller percentage of employees are in Phase 3. Unlike Phase 2 folks, Phase 3 contributors are actively aligned with and responsible for having broad business acumen; coordinating internal team and cross-functional activities; communicating up, down and throughout the organization; developing capability in others; planning the work of the team; translating strategic goals into integrated team/functional tactics; leading change initiatives; motivating those in the trenches; provide an occasional shoulder to “cry on” and generally “lead the charge” in getting complex, ambiguous, multifaceted projects off the ground, all-the-while assuring accountability and delivery of leveraged results through others!


No, It’s (probably) Not Just a Phase You’re Going Through!

Bad puns aside, both you and your company go through Phases. Are you and your company going through the right Phase in the right way at the right time? Are your employees contributing in the right Phases? Are your managers and others on a course to become more Phase 3? Are you tired of reinventing the management wheel or basing your development training on the “book of the month club?” Do you have Phase 4 leaders that direct the long-term health, scaling and profitability of your organization? Next Phase Leadership has the right research, relevant data, proven tools/training, inspiring consultants and international expertise to help you design and utilize relevant and sustainable solutions to your most difficult issues. The following is a taste of how we can help you.

NPL Learning and Development Solutions: (We encourage our clients to customize and create their own internal branding of NPL’s materials so the learning and development looks like their stuff. Moreover, Next Phase Leadership (NPL) has discovered that in-class learning solutions are still, far and away, the best learning platform—IF they are taught by an inspiring world-class instructor and IF the class contains immediately relevant content and practice and IF the classes are no longer than one day (and preferable ½ day) long! Information can be “picked up” online, and all our tools can be made available online but  “Information” is not the same thing as “learning” and practicing and being inspired to change by being linked to an expert who can be there to help you really “get it!”)